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What is Fascia

Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells. 

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Why We Age

Over time, from incorrect posture, unconscious breathing and the stresses of every day life, we collapse into ourself. As we age, we become shorter and wider from our fascia compressing layer over layer. If we allow this compression to develop, eventually fat builds up, disease settles in, and aches and pains become chronic.

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The Solution

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We need to decompress fascia to promote blood and oxygen flow to cells. Fluid Isometrics & Block Therapy are designed for this purpose so you can become your own health advocate. 

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Meet the Founder

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Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and the Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy. She has been developing this bodywork system for 18 years, spent over 50,000 hours working in people’s tissue and has seen the amazing benefits of this simple and efficient system on thousands of people, including herself.

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